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England Coast Path

By 2021 England should have a new National Trail, the England Coast Path, 2800 miles following the coastline of England. Several sections are now officially open, with signage, and more sections will be completed in the coming months and years. I am doing a video documentary of sections I have walked, in the north, and in Plymouth. In 2020 I will continue walking in the east and north east as sections are opened..

Section 9, click: ECP09.

Section 44, click: ECP44.

Section 45, click: ECP45.

Section 49, click: ECP49.

Section 53, click: ECP53.

Section 55, click: ECP55.

Section 56, click: ECP56.

Section 61, click: ECP6!

This website is still under construction as sections are walked

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